About Us

We are a small dedicated husband and wife team ready to make a difference in the truck driving job industry. If you’ve had troubles with agencies, job boards or even places like Craigslist we want to make it simple for you. We have four¬†main goals that will drive the way we run our business and run Get Truck Driving Jobs.

Four Main Goals To Trucking Companies:

  1. Allow ANY Trucking Company to post on our board for FREE. (Yes we’ll have premium options, but NO company is too big or too small to post for free here)
  2. Treat every Trucking Company as our #1 Customer. Have you had troubles getting things done with other companies? Treated like an unimportant customer because you weren’t paying enough? No matter who you are, how big or how small, you’re our #1 customer because with you, we can’t run our business.
  3. Guaranteed 24 Hour Response Time to all Premium Customers. 72 Hour Response Time to all Free Customers. (If we fail, we’ll refund any premium prices you’ve paid) Just contact us at truckingcompanyhelp@gettruckdrivingjobs.com
  4. We will not share your private applicant data, if someone applies to your trucking company, that is YOUR data, we will protect your information from day one.

Four Main Goals To Truck Drivers:

  1. We will never charge you to access any jobs on our site.
  2. We will assist you in finding a job that suits your needs if you want. Just contact us at truckdriverhelp@getruckdrivingjobs.com
  3. We will not deceive you with our listings, if you’re looking for local, dedicated or OTR it will be listed that way.
  4. We will always delete your data, resume or information if you’d like it removed within 72¬†hours, just contact us at truckdriverhelp@gettruckdrivingjobs.com

We don’t want to be one of the “big guys” and overcharge lots of money. We want to help truck drivers find great companies and jobs that fit their needs and desires as quickly as possible. We all know that trucking companies often face truck driver shortages and no one needs some big middleman getting in the way trying to muddy up the process. No complicated insertion orders, sales representatives, webmasters, billing and other department to get through. You’ll have two people to work with that are working around the clock to make your experience the best you’ve had. Trust us and we’ll treat you like gold.

If you ever have suggestions on how we can do better tell us at: suggestions@gettruckdriverjobs.com

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